Ravi Singh

Third year computer engineering student with an interest in optimization and graphics

Work Experience

Technical Systems Analyst at RBC Capital Markets

  • Cached article XML feed, and modified .NET GET request, improving archived article load time by 60%
  • Architectured Node component responsible for determining an image's area of focus and resizing, used on Capital Markets websites
  • Wrote PowerShell and batch scripts to allow for automated application deployment, improving turnover rate
  • Modified Jenkins pipeline to conduct open source vulnerability and clean code checks, enhancing application security and maintainability

Software Engineer at Rocscience

  • Developed an augmented reality (AR) application for Microsoft HoloLens using Unity and C#
  • Optimized rendering of results in 3D applications, doubling frame rate
  • Re-implemented triangulation algorithm reducing time spent on triangulation calls by 90%
  • Designed Javascript application which allows users to import and analyze various models and results



    C++ GIS application built in a team of three for course ECE297
screenshot of GIS application


    JavaScript application built to save time when going to the gym, and learn about API calls
screenshot of FitHub web page


    Classic game of snake built using JavaScript, HTML5 Canvas, and MongoDB.
scores screen of snake game snake game being played


Messenger Bots Hackathon

  • Used nlp (wit.ai) to recognize user input
  • Setup server and deployed live messenger bot using provided Node seed project
  • Used Shopify API to output store contact info to end user when key phrase recognized

Orbis Challenge

  • Developed nesting algorithm in Java, reducing number of turns required to beat practice bot by 10%
  • Fixed error in algorithm that caused allied units to freeze, lead to team design beating test bots in all stages provided
  • Placed amongst top 25/60 teams


University of Toronto

B.A.Sc. in Computer Engineering

GPA: 3.47/4.00

September 2016 - Present


Programming Languages & Tools


Aside from my studies in computer engineering, and developing skills through projects, courses, and challenges, I spend a lot of time being active. I love going to the gym, playing team sports, and trying out different activities such as bouldering, boxing, and biking just to name a few.

When I am not sweating it out, I enjoy watching thrillers and comedies, spending time with my dog, and learning new skills.